Radial Drilling Machine - RDH/A/330  

Radial Drilling Machine



Specification - All Dimensions are in"mm"
Drilling Capacity in Steel 30
Tapping Capacity in Steel M16
Morse taper in Spindle MT3
Spindle traverse 150
No.of auto feed 3
Range of auto feed (mm/rev) 0.31-0.11-0.21
No. of Spindle Speeds 10
Range of Spindle speeds (rpm) 100-142-210-310-450/600-852-1260-1860-2700
Power of Spindle drive motor 1.5kw/2H.P 1440 rpm/415 VAC 3 Ph 50 Hz
Drilling radious Max/Min 770/580
Diameter of Pillar (matl :CI) 180
Distance between spindle nose & base Max./Min. 1065/500
Distance between base & round table 315
Dia of round table 360
Specification of Sq Table H X L X W 350 X 390 X 370
Base working surface 780 X 535
Power of lifting motor 0.75kw 1 HP 1440Rpm / 415 VAC 3Ph 50 Hz
Space occupied (length X width x height) 1350 X 680 X 2100
Net Weight 980 Kg

Optional Accessories ( at extra cost ) Drill chuck-Coolant pump-reduction
sleeve-Machine vice - Sq Table
Main Features:
  • The robust and streamlined construction enables it to withstand and absorb heavy cutting forces
  • Drilling head is mounted over a study arm attached to the pillar
  • Both the arm and the drilling head can be swivelled and clamped to any desired position on double column. The arm can be moved up and down by an elevating motor coupled to screw rod nut mechanism
  • Arm can be positively locked in any desired position
  • Over load clutch provided for safety mechanism disconnects elevating motion when arm is locked
  • The extreme positions of the arm on the column are secured by over load clutch so automatically stop the elevating motion.
  • Drive is transmitted from motor to spindle through five stepped V-groove pulley and V-belt
  • Reduction gear unit mounted at the top of the machine provides ten wide range of spindle speeds
  • Reduction gear unit is operated by means of a hand lever, provided within the easy reach of the operator
  • The three range of auto feed can be selected by means of hand lever.
  • Round table at the base, mounted over an arm which can be swlveled around to any desired position and can also be fixed in any one of the T-slots or can be removed so that the whole base can be used


The above specifications are approximate only. Due to constant improvement, design the specification are subject to change without notice.

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